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Welcome to the Breezy HR Resources portal. You'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with Breezy as quickly as possible, as well as support if you get stuck. Let's jump right in!

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    Here's how to advertise your open positions on Australia's number one jobs, employment, career, and recruitment site

    Hiring down under? We're excited to partner with Seek, Australia's premier career site, to help you hire better candidates, faster in Australia … from wherever you are.

    To learn more about SEEK, check them out here.

    Ready to get started advertising your open positions on SEEK from Breezy? Read on for the step-by-step on how to connect your accounts.

    To kick off your SEEK integration with Breezy HR, you'll need to acquire a few items directly from SEEK's support team:

    • SEEK Advertiser ID: Your unique ID to connect your account
    • Long Sleeve Top Pumpkin Pureed S Y Festive A Logo ID (if available): To have your logo(s) added to your StandOut positions posting
    • Template ID (if available): Any structured templates for position postings

    Just email the SEEK support team at and provide them with two things:

    • Your Company Name
    • Request for Job Posting and Application Export API Permissions

    Now, you can ask for any of the IDs that you require for your posting.

    StandOut Advertisements

    StandOut Advertisements are premium advertisements on SEEK that allow you to include your logo and additional information in the job ad's short description on the SEEK site. Learn more about StandOut Advertisements

    Now that your position is active, you can enable the SEEK Promotion on your open Position. Inside the Promotion Creation, you'll have all the details from the position (inside the Job Summary), plus all the extra fields that Seek allows on their platform.

    In addition to Breezy's fields, SEEK offers:

    • Search Title
    • Area (versus specific location)
    • Classification
    • Sub-Classification
    • Salary Type
    • Salary Minimum and Maximum
    • Salary Details
    • Recruiter Team Name
    • Video Embed Link
    • Contact Name
    • Contact Phone
    • Contact Email
    • Template (StandOut Option)
    • Screen ID

    Purchasing A Seek Promotion

    With your SEEK account connected to Breezy, SEEK will take care of all your promotions pricing and billing. Head to the SEEK site to learn more about pricing and purchasing details, or contact their customer service line at 1300 658 700.

    Once you've filled in your fields, just click the blue button to Create and Breezy will post your position straight to SEEK 👍 Done and done!

    What's Next

    Extend your application with Questionnaires, or double check our Position Posting Guidelines to ensure yours are in line:

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    Position Posting Guidelines
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